FAE Drones Presentation Website

The Customer

FAE Drones provides professional solutions in the field of production and exploitation of drones for fields of activity requiring data processing obtained by overcoming the objectives: Industrial Inspection, Mapping - GIS, Air Filming, Air Photography, Agriculture, Civil Security.

The FAE Drones mission is to provide high-quality professional solutions for filming / photographing or acquiring data, using multi-rotor and airplane drones. The FAE team is made up of people passionate about building UAVs. They are permanently assigned technical knowledge, resources and time to design and implement each solution. Ing. Dragu Mihai has 17 years experience in the field of telecommunication; pilots and builds drones since 2009, being the one who introduced and promoted on a professional level the air services made by UAVs in Romania.

Project Objectives

Our goal was to make known the solutions offered by FAE Drones, the range of existing products but also how they can serve in an advantageous and efficient way less well known requirements on the Romanian market.

The Challenge

I understood from the first stage the difficulty of the project - the pioneering situation in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčindustrial services based on the use of the drones, doubled by their current use - family, family events, generally focused on the amusement, to the detriment of pragmatism.

As in the early days of our company, we relied on the financial intelligence of our customers and we emphasized, in the creation of the site, the presentation of the benefits of this emerging technology.

The Solution

We have achieved our goals by creating a clear, intuitive navigation site and optimized version for mobile phones and tablets. Well-structured presentations, accompanied by images and video, have been designed so that potential customers of FAE Drones can quickly identify their right solution. The CMS.AXART system was the ideal solution for integrating custom design and managing the content of the site.

The Results

The site effectively shows both the services provided and FAE Drones products. The information is structured with clarity, the image galleries highlights both technical and utilitarian aspects, and the YouTube video snapshots illustrate the performances of the aircraft.

SEO Impact

Shortly after launch, the site has grown naturally without the need for extended SEO services, and has achieved (keeping up) extraordinary results in search engines. It is ranked in the first 10 results organically provided by Google for the "Industrial Inspection", "Mapping - GIS", "Air Filming", "Air Photography", "Agriculture Drone", "Civil Security Drills" FAE-Drones.

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