Mobile friendly websites

Your site is affected by changes by google on adaptation to mobile devices? Find out what to do.

Google plans change positioning algorithms for visitors to discover the easiest sites optimized for mobile devices:



The main argument is the fact that the number of mobile users has surpassed, in 2014, the number of users of fixed terminals (desktop), hence the need for websites to be optimized for smaller screens.
You have nothing to worry about?

Contrary to usage, Google announced an exact date for implementing these algorithms change, so those interested in the site's visibility can take the necessary measures in time. As of April 21, 2015, websites compatible with mobile terminals will be rewarded at the expense of only designed for desktops. The logic is simple: As more users use mobile terminals, it is very important that sites be able to keep pace with this change.
Find out if your site is compatible with mobile terminals

Websites can be designed so that the content of the pages to be displayed correctly / optimally varying screen sizes. Phones and tablets, netbooks and other portable devices come with screens with reduced physical dimensions, even if resolutions can be impressive, such as designing websites must adapt to this requirement.

GOOGLE help you check if your site is compatible with mobile devices: mobile compatibility test.

Here's how it behaves latest sites that we have achieved:

How to get a site compatible with mobile terminals

If your site has passed compatibility testing you must upgrade the website as soon as possible. While it is not clear that the magnitude of the negative impact it will bring Google algorithms change, the alarm should be taken seriously.

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