Create Online Store

We provide an efficient solution for creating your online store, including the facilities you need for both publishing and promoting products and processing orders from the site. Create Online- Shop Facilities AREA OF ADMINISTRATION Secure administration site sections (structure more than 4 levels) and edit their content (images, text) embedded HTML text editor - GPL Secure management products: Photos - by editing their descriptions for better indexing texts expiration date price product type Highlighting the entry page and / or throughout the site bilingual presentation (eg Romanian, English - excluding the translation), with further expansion possibility for more languages You can highlight a preset number of sections of the site in the entry page (highlight content) You can highlight a preset number of products in the entry page complementary products - related (for each product administrator can indicate associated products) contact applications / tender is stored on the server and emailed to you listing transactions (sheet customer data, products and quantities ordered) top - the most sold products manufacturers - presentation, logo bundling products management news, jobs payment system - delivery (picking up the products at your headquarters or delivery by courier) Create Online Store - Facilities landside, Dynamic menu navigation (optional) - enables simple and intuitive navigation through the sections and subsections site shopping basket Wishlist display products across multiple pages (paging) dynamic presentation of news internal search engine Dynamic map generation Site for visitors Site compatibility with current versions of major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Chrome) existing Microsoft platforms, Linux when published Visitors can create / edit accounts on the site, view order history Facilities SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) generating dynamic site map to Google in XML format for indexing a large number of pages primary optimization for search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with basic editing system components related to SEO website promotion by joining Google and Yahoo modRW including links to product presentation pages