Web design

WebStreet offers web design services for websites creative and informative, with a high degree of interactivity. We keep and expand existing visual identity elements, create color schemes and themes specific to the activity of your business

Through the process of web design build websites aiming to obtain profit for our customers. We supply instruments designed to generate profit and to increase their popularity and credibility among potential clients.

Web design principles are the same as the general design principles. We create web pages that combine into an effective two main areas: appearance and functionality. You have web pages that look better and fulfill the objectives in a clear and efficient way.
Web design and site layout

Usually when talking about web design is actually about the appearance of a web page - layout key elements (logo, elements of interaction type "call to action" promotions), the way the page is displayed on the screen surface quality images and graphics processing. If the layout is poor or does not work well - even if it is incompatible browser, then customers will not appreciate the site.
The navigation within the site

Design judicious navigation system sites is a step in web design that allows visitors to orient themselves easily to quickly find the information they seek, and return to the page you found interesting.
The use of color in web design

Color is a great way to enhance the appearance of a page, and help its message to be transmitted properly and efficiently.