Create Website - how to

Documenting and analyzing project web site creation ...

Meaning the customer find what he wanted to achieve by creating the site. And because we are old enough and experienced in the web world, show him how to get more done in a professional site than he imagined possible. We study its competitors, we analyze the reasons why they succeeded, identify weaknesses.

The short list of our clients' expectations related to the creation of the website:

  • to present the company
  • to emphasize the catalog of products and / or services
  • to be able to sell online

Most of the  customers want to manage their own site, and then discuss the CMS.AXART - the content management system that we have developed just such demands.

Establishing and signing of the supply contract

The discussions shaping the final image to create the site, both in appearance and functionality you have to offer, as well as the realization period and price. These are included in the contract for delivery of web services that, once signed, it means the actual commencement of the works.

Proposals for graphics and operation site (web design)

These design proposals - usually two, sometimes it takes a third proposal - are built based on existing visual identity (brochures, catalogs, advertisements in newspapers, or at least a customer logo) so as to impress the visitor in mind the belief that: She found the website that gives your product / service / information sought It's easy to browse the site for information structure is good and is fast loading pages will recommend the site to others he will even return because he liked the care with which it developed the site Complete design and programming components (web programming) We take care that any time the customer is informed about how the work progresses. We deal at the same time and more technical aspects, such as compatibility with other browsers than Internet Explorer - for example FireFox has a usage share of over 25% (according to reliable statistics), appearance and operation site at low resolutions (20% of Internet users still use 800x600). And these visitors can bring profit to our customer, so we ought to produce optimized sites in all directions. Testing and publishing on Internet The last step in creating website site is testing in real environment in which you work and make sure that information flows are designed right. Sometimes the differences are between our development server configuration (Linux / PHP / MySQL) and the server hosting that will ensure site - at this stage we ensure that the plan and the reality is no different. Returning to optimizations, perhaps the most important is that you SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It's about preparing individual pages and whole site for search engines (source of approx. 65% of visitors) to place the site on the best possible position for the keywords chosen. In fact, the publication of the site is much more than removing the page "Under Construction" page input and disclosure, but opening channels of information through which visitors will reach the site, it thus justifying his existence and budget. What to do next (SEO, web site maintenance and promotion)? Because good ideas come and lifetime site and evolving technologies - perhaps as soon as the expectations and demands of Internet users - Subsequent ensure the developmental services sites through graphics, programming, promotion. Advertisement text banners to other sites, recommendations for exchanging links, sending periodic newsletters - all this represents a valuable arsenal in increasing site traffic, and subject to post-contract. Instead of conclusion You are left with at least one unanswered question: how much a web site. If the form is too simple for your project, or you prefer a phone call you can find the details on the contact page